We will be scheduling exact times for the sessions in the next few days with a few more to be confirmed - check back soon and have a read below as a taste of what to expect...


11am - File Based Insert Editing


How many times have you completed your programme and then discovered what you consider a minor change; spelling error, new title inclusion, additional audio element, closed caption amendment. Typically the element that needs changing is only relevant for a few seconds of the program but you are then confronted with the statement ‘we will have to re-render’ the program and this will take another ‘n’ hours.


Not only do we have to allow for the excessive time lost (normally not available) there are typically big costs associated to the re-render.


Thankfully there is a new evolution in file –based workflows which bring us insert editing very much in the same way we used to insert edit on tape.


Charles Manolescue - Director at Digital Garage explores this new way of working with CBR workflows and discusses how we can use them today as well as bringing our archives forward into this arena.


Charles D’Autremont – CTO Cinedeck demonstrates a live file based insert edit on his laptop taking just a few seconds to complete the task.



12 noon - Portable Production - From Vision Mixer to Playout


Streaming and live event specialist, producer and director Jon Pratchett talks about what key components you need in your portable production system from vision mixer to playout system and graphics options. With Live streaming events becoming more and more popular, the need to have a easily transportable yet powerful production system is becoming greater.


Jon brings with him a typical portable production system that he uses and explains why he has the components he does and how they are used in typical corporate live events to large scale E-Sport competitions.



1.15pm - Getting the most out of On-Camera Audio



You only notice sound when it’s wrong. The eyes are far more forgiving than the ears and about 90% of the information we receive from television is in the audio. Try watching the news with no sound, then turn it up and turn away and see which method works better.


We easily notice perspective when the audio doesn’t match the shot. Imagine standing at a party trying to hear your friend across the room. The brain cleverly uses all the visual senses to bring out the meaning but microphones are not that clever. We can zoom in to fill the frame, but if you are using the camera mic you will just hear the party and the audio will not match.


Join Nick Way in this session aimed at many from production to self-shooters, the amateur to the professional and any budding audio enthusiasts.

Nick Way is a Broadcast Project Manager and Sound Supervisor. He was trained and worked at BBC TV Centre for sixteen years and then freelance.


He has been involved with several channel launches and has worked on many major programmes from Royal events, the G8 & G20 Summits via sport and the Olympics to news and reality shows.


Nick has taught at BBC Wood Norton and in Bangladesh as well as a Sessional Lecturer at several Universities and Short Courses. He is a Founder Member of ITTP.



2.30pm - So you want to do Aerial filming?



Enter RUSTA - a CAA approved National Qualified Entity (NQE). RUSTA conducts training of the highest safety standard in the UK for Small Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS) operators that wish to obtain Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the CAA. RUSTA was conceived in 2014 to counter demands for SUAS training requirements due to the exponential growth in the SUAS industry.


Your host for this session is Daniel Alward-Smith who is an Army Air Corps Helicopter Pilot and Fixed Wing Flying Instructor with 2500 hours/10 years experience of Desert, Temperate, Arctic flying on both types.


He joined the British Army in 2000 as a telecommunications technician in the Royal Corps of Signals before conducting Army Pilots Course achieving the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2.


Daniel has been a Ground School Instructor, Flight Examiner and Operations Manual Manager for RUSTA UAV for 2 years. He has taught numerous PFAW/PfCO courses and awarded ‘Wings’ to over 100 successful candidates. He has also developed courseware for use in Malaysia, Hong Kong and the USA for similar Commercial Permissions/Licensing courses.


“UAVs are becoming more prolific and exciting in their application. The innovation that I have witnessed in the 2 years that I have been in the industry is as varied as it is exciting. With this comes the increased need that operators must be aware of the wider environment they are working within. Manned aviation sees some UAV applications as a direct threat to both livelihood and, more importantly, safety. The first is an unavoidable consequence of progression and advancement, but the second is a red line that must never be compromised. This is where we at RUSTA view ourselves as a class leading training provider.”


“All our groundschool and flight examiners hail from a vast background in aviation, operating both manned and unmanned platforms across the world. All of us have worked in flying instruction and military standardization, which includes a credible history in both tactical and strategic safety often within a high threat military context. We are aware that the small UAS industry is only one proven near-miss or collision from potentially stifling regulation, that will harm the innovation that is creating a wave of creativity. We stand by our belief that none of our trainees will be the one to cause such an incident.


We equip these innovators with the skills to ‘slot into’ the existing, manned aviation community. We adopt a best practice approach to customer liaison, as proven by our five star reviews and take the extra time to ensure that the job is done by offering a one to one personal service to our clients questions - whenever required.”


In this session you will learn what YOU need to do to comply with current legislation with UAV / Drone filming and discover why training is not just about compliance but also about getting the best shots out there!



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